Enjoy playing FreeRice? Then download the FreeRice Toolbar

The FreeRice Toolbar connects with your browser, so you to earn rice each time you search the web!

  • Donate up to 5000 grains of rice every day just by searching the web from the toolbar
  • Stay updated with the latest FreeRice news, photos and videos from the field
  • Discover stories about the people that you are helping to feed
  • Guaranteed Safe: No virus, no spyware, and no charge

It's easy to download, free of charge and has great features like: a quick link to the FreeRice game, emergency alerts and more links to important info on fighting hunger.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I install the toolbar?
    Click on the download button, open up the downloaded file and follow the easy installation steps.
  • Will the toolbar install spyware, adware or malware on my computer?
  • What are the system requirements for the toolbar?
    • Windows Vista /XP/2000,Mac OS X 10.2+ or Linux
    • Firefox 3
    • Internet Explorer (5.5+)
  • What can I do with the toolbar?
    • Donate rice to feed hungry people
    • Use it as your daily search engine
    • Stay up-to-date with FreeRice and WFP news
    • Shop online through the Shop Against Hunger
    • Help fight hunger
  • How do I uninstall the FreeRice toolbar?
    • Internet explorer: In the Windows start menu, click 'All programs'. Within the list of programs that appears, click 'FreeRice toolbar' and then 'uninstall'.
    • Mozilla Firefox: In Firefox, open the 'tools' menu and click 'add-ons'. At the top of the Add-ons window that appears, click 'Extensions'. Within the list of Extensions will be 'FreeRice Toolbar' - Click the 'Disable' button to turn it off temporarily or the 'uninstall' button to remove from your system entirely.
  • How do I report a bug in my FreeRice toolbar or provide feedback?
    For all toolbar related feedback and problems, please send us an email
  • Does the toolbar or site cause pop-up ads to appear on my screen?
    No, absolutely not. We think pop-up ads are just as aggravating as you do!
  • What is the toolbar's privacy policy?
    The Toolbar respects the privacy of its visitors. No personal information is required to download and use the Toolbar.
  • How is my using the toolbar helping FreeRice?
    By downloading the Toolbar and using it as your daily search engine, more people will be able to play FreeRice. The grains of rice you earn with the toolbar will be used to match the grains of rice on the FreeRice game.
  • How many grains of rice do I earn per search?
    For every 5 genuine searches, you earn 2500 grains of rice.
  • What is the maximum amount of rice I can earn in a day?
    The maximum amount of rice you can earn per day is 5000 grains.
  • Can I play FreeRice on the toolbar?
    No, but if you click on Free Rice on the left side of the toolbar and select "Play FreeRice!" from the drop-down menu, you will be guided directly to the website where you can play as much as you want for free!

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