Blog entry Spotlight: A Troop of Hunger Fighters

17 December 2012

We have a troop of cadets helping us to "rice up" against hunger! The National Cadet Corps unit from Clementi Town Secondary School in Singapore raised rice in answering questions and learning, but took their involvement a step further by helping us to create questions to add to our Math section, as well as a proposed Computer Education subject. We hope to publish these questions in the coming months.

Through the project, many cadets have benefited as they now know more about World Hunger. Many of the cadets are convinced that it is possible to end World Hunger if everyone in the world works together. We can redistribute the food that we have in the world and all the food should be enough to feed most if not all of the people in the world.

Thank you from the bottom of our Rice Bowl to these cadets and their teacher Daniel Tan.

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