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16 August 2012

For some time, our team at Freerice has been inspired by the members in the group, Marsarmy Against hunger. Not only are they one of the most vocal groups on social networks like Twitter, encouraging others to "rice up" against hunger, they have also raised over 15 million grains of rice since it was formed in 2011. This year, they have almost doubled the amount of grains raised.

We recently received the following email from the group creators, which we wanted to share with you:

"I’d like to introduce ourselves, we are All Echelon Help the crew behind the MARSARMY AGAINST HUNGER group on

AEH was founded on July 7, 2011 by 16 year old Anaëlle Salem who was later joined by Faye Kaloudi; together we are All Echelon Help. AEH is a non-profit charitable organization inspired by the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars; Echelon is what we fans are called. Our goal is to help people in need and raise awareness about World Hunger. So far through, we have raised over 13 Million grains of rice to help feed hungry school children in Cambodia.

Recently we have achieved two big accomplishments that we not only want to share with you but are hoping you can share with the rest of the free rice community.

AEH was recently featured on MTVACT, where was mentioned. The article, which was shared on the main MTV website and Facebook page, redirected readers to our blog where you are prominently featured. You can read the story here.

As you know AEH was inspired by the band 30 Seconds To Mars and to our great surprise the band honored our efforts by featuring AEH in their Transmission, the bands newsletter. 30 Seconds to Mars is very selective on what is featured in their newsletter, which goes out to millions of fans around the globe. We hope that this achievement is as important to as it is to us.

AEH has the upmost respect and love for your team, as you have enabled us, the Echelon, with an incredible tool to FIGHT AGAINST HUNGER. We know you are currently on break, but it would mean the world to us, if you mentioned MARSARMY VS HUNGER and 30 Seconds to Mars in one of your blog posts or newsletter.

This will not only help generate more people to our site to play the game but also be an incredible way to honor the band that, along with you, has motivated and inspired us to make a difference in this unjust world.

Thank You for taking the time to read our email and story. "

Our deep thanks to the group and 30 Seconds to Mars for being a positive force in the world to be reckoned with! If you're a member of this group, let us know in the comments below!

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Tue, 08/21/2012 - 07:13 gerrythepoet

Well done guys, teamwork is the key keep motivating and encourage others to play, learn and give... hope some of you will give it a go and educate yourselves for free and then use your knowledge to be creative and positive in solving the problems of this world.

Fri, 08/17/2012 - 17:04 ShannieNobody

i think All Echelon Help have reached such great achievements ..being featured at MTV ACT, in the Mars transmission, even here at! i am so happy and proud to be apart of this beautiful family..and together, we can and we WILL fight hunger.

#Marshugs to all, and keep on rice-ing up!

Fri, 08/17/2012 - 02:42 Lovisen1

I´m a proud Echelon queen & member of this amazing group! Together the Echelon does wonders to help others and to raise awareness. We truly ARE a positive force to reckon with!! All thanx to 30STM that inspire us to do the impossibe...=D

Thu, 08/16/2012 - 14:47 Ana and Faye


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