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05 September 2012

Apart from being something of an expert on Giraffes, a well-travelled soul, a retired professor and more, Dr Al Forsyth is also one of Freerice’s most passionate supporters and the creator of our new World Hunger subject.

He spent countless hours carefully wording hundreds of questions about hunger, making it easier for us all to learn about this difficult and distressing subject while raising rice to solve it. We'd like to dedicate this spotlight to him!

Here is his story, in his own words:

The most famous citizen of the town where I grew up was a politician in the 1800s who said "Go West, young man, and grow up with the country!" So I did.

Born in the New York City area, I have made several jumps westward since I was a child, and now live in the red rock country of Utah. I went to college at Brown University where I got my first taste of global diversity through international classmates, studying French and living in France for a summer. Travel led to an interest in geography and a graduate degree in that subject from Columbia University, followed by a stint working for The National Geographic Society developing educational materials.

But the lure of the West was too much, and I took an academic position at Weber State University in Utah, preparing teachers in history and geography education.

After 20 years as a professor, I retired last summer and am now unleashing various pent-up ventures, seeing which will stick.

In addition to helping write questions for Freerice's new World Hunger subject, I have done some educational work for travel writer Rick Steves, have started a book about religion, have helped biologists monitor beaver activity in some local streams, have participated in a national miniature golf tournament (finishing a respectable 11th), have done much hiking and much Scrabble playing, and am currently working as a docent at a nearby zoo (expertise: giraffes).

I’m married, with a son (computer start-up guy in Brooklyn, NY) and a daughter (environmental engineer working on a clean-water-in-schools project in Kenya). My wife is Director of Study Abroad at Utah State University.

In a month I will travel to East Africa for two weeks where I may see first-hand why Freerice and the World Food Programme are so important.

You can play the new World Hunger subject here

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Sun, 09/16/2012 - 20:52 Hung4ry

An informative, challenging and salutary new subject. Thank you for this.

Wed, 09/12/2012 - 19:41 vmonster1


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