The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is challenging all Canadian schools to get involved with the Canadian Freerice School Challenge to see if your school can donate the most rice to the worlds hungry while learning vocabulary, language, math, and geography or science skills.

What is Freerice?
Freerice is the world’s only online game feeding the hungry worldwide. For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to WFP to feed the hungry. WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency, feeding on average 100 million people every year. Freerice has raised enough to feed almost 5 million hungry people since launching in 2007!

It is free to play!
The rice is paid for by advertising banners displayed at the bottom of the screen. It’s a fun, educational activity completely free for the players!

You can choose from the following subjects:
English Vocabulary, English Grammar, Literature, Famous Paintings, Math basic, Math multiplication tables, chemistry, world capitals, flags of the world and more!

How the competition works

Create a group under your school name at or (the recently launched French version) and invite students, teachers, friends, family and parents to join. Anyone can sign up, join your group and play the game. Each teacher is able to register their class (up to 40 students per teacher).

Members of your group sign-in, select to play as part of your group, answer questions for your group choosing their favourite subject. For every correct answer, they earn 10 grains of rice which are donated to WFP. They can answer as many questions as they want, as many times as they want, going back to the game over the month of the competition.

The competition runs over a month starting November 1, and ending November 30, 2011 at midnight CET. The school group that raises the most grains of rice wins!

What’s the prize?
WFP’s National Ambassador Against Hunger, George Stroumboulopoulos will donate a specially designed school plaque engraved with the name of the winning school and 10 FreeRice signed t-shirts for the top donators within the winning group.

How to Win!
Simple. The School group with the most rice raised over a month starting November 1 , 2011 and ending November 30, 2011 at midnight CET wins the competition.

See the Terms and Conditions

How to Join?

Step 1. Go to or and sign up.
You will need an email address. We will send you an email with your username and a temporary password (you can save a more memorable password after logging in)

Step 2. After logging in, you can create your school group.
To be a part of the challenge, register your group’s name starting with the prefix: “CFRSC - name of school - school board initials”.

Upload a picture for your group - your school logo or a picture of your mascot. Ensure that you choose the “open” option to allow anyone to join, and choose “all categories” so all subjects can be played. Then click the button to “create group”.

You can double check to see if your school has been registered by searching for it in your Groups list.

Step 3. Get as many members as possible raising rice for your group
Ask teachers to register their classes - clear instructions can be found here: .

Each teacher should register themselves first. They can then register up to 40 students on the teacher's email address if the students are registered as being over the age of 14 (student profiles are limited and protect their identity). Registering a student as over the age of 14 will require an independent email address.

Ask parents, friends and students’ families to sign up too!

Make sure to provide potential group members with your school’s group URL, so they can join in. This can be found by clicking on your group name in your Groups list and sharing the url you are redirected to.

Please note: to ensure the grains members raise count towards your school group, they need to click on the “play” button for your group every time they play, or the grains they raise will not count towards your group!

Now you’re good to go!

Where does the rice go?

Currently rice raised through Freerice is going to help the people of Cambodia which is recovering from decades of civil conflict and economic stagnation. Recently, rising food prices are making it more difficult for Cambodian families to survive.

In 2010 and at the start of 2011, rice was donated to provide school meals to students in Haiti after the devastating earthquake and later to helping Pakistan following flooding. Previously it has fed people in Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and Uganda.