Blog entry 9 Year Old Feeds 2,800 Kids in Pakistan

28 February 2011

Emilie is 9 years old. Last year, after watching on television families in Pakistan living in tents following the devastating floods, Emilie decided to take action to help the families.

“I decided to sell lemonade and give the money to the World Food Programme so that they could use it to help people,” says Emilie. She raised enough to feed 2,800 children in Pakistan.


Blog entry Teach A Man To Fish?

24 February 2011

Every now and again, Team Freerice receives emails from people who want to know why we provide rice to the hungry instead of educating them about self-sustainability. Almost all of these people quote that old saying: "Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for life".


Blog entry Students Win the Ricebowl Challenge

17 February 2011

To coincide with the Super Bowl, we held the Ricebowl Challenge in partnership with NFL quarterback, Drew Brees, and the Maine Learning Technology Initiative.

The idea was simple: two teams, one objective - to tackle hunger by raising as much rice as possible between February 6 - 12. Players could choose between two teams, Drew's Ricebowl or the Student's Ricebowl lead by MLTI. In seven days, the two teams raised almost 10 million grains with over two thousand people taking part.


Blog entry Freerice ‘Class of the Week’ - Mrs. B’s Etymology Class

15 February 2011

This week’s Freerice Class of the Week goes to Mrs. B’s Etymology Class from Kokomo, Indiana. They’ve earned more than 570,000 grains of rice since they started their group in November 2010.

Etymology is the study of words and their origin, and this class is taking it to a whole new level by earning rice for those that need it most.

Congratulations Mrs. B’s Etymology Class and keep up the good work!


Blog entry Kissing Away Hunger

14 February 2011

The nomadic lifestyle of many World Food Programme staff worldwide can be really challenging for couples.

Nicole Menage, the World Food Programme's Country Director of Nepal, has travelled far working for WFP. "I've lost track of how many times I’ve packed up my life, choking back emotions as good friends and the families I’ve helped are left behind," she says.


Blog entry Can Ricebowl Challengers Answer 33 Questions Correct Every Minute?

12 February 2011

It's the final day of the Ricebowl Challenge, we have the just over 10,670,000 grains of rice raised so far. To reach the mark of 1 billion we need each player to raise just 477,245 grains of raise today.


Blog entry A Billion Grains in the Final Quarter

11 February 2011

Almost a billion grains of rice have been raised so far through the Ricebowl Challenge that ends this Saturday, February 12, thanks to the dedication of almost 2,000 Freericers who have joined either one of the opposing teams.

The Students have maintained a constant lead over Drew's team in the last few days. However, credit should be given to his team which boasts half the number of members but has managed follow closely on the students' heels.


Blog entry Student's Storm Ahead...

10 February 2011

After yesterday's blog post covering the near draw between our two Ricebowl Challenge teams, the students have pulled dramatically into the lead raising almost 1 million grains of rice in just one day.

So far the Student's Ricebowl has raised 4,331,860 grains of rice, while Drew's Ricebowl has raised 3,830,320. That brings the Ricebowl Challenge to a total of 8,162,180 grains of rice providing a days worth of meals for almost 500 people.


Blog entry Neck And Neck: Students vs Drew Brees

09 February 2011

Three days into our Ricebowl Challenge, and the two rival teams are almost neck and neck with the Student Ricebowl team raising 3,522,120 grains of rice compared to 3,266,610 grains from the Drew Brees Ricebowl team.

Defenders of the Drew's team will, however, note that the number of student members is more than double that on Drew's team. A few Freericers in Drew's corner may well shift the balance!


Blog entry Freerice Class of the Week - Mrs. Avalos' English Class

07 February 2011

This week's Class of the Week is Mrs. Avalos' English Class, from Godley High School in Godley, Texas. They've raised more than 325,000 grains of rice! To find out more, go the WFP Students and Teachers Section: