Blog entry How do you feed 90 million people?

29 April 2011

Every year, the World Food Programme feeds over 90 million people in over 70 countries. Considering that there are about 31.5 million seconds in year, counting one number per second, it would take you almost 3 years to count the number of people that WFP feeds every year!

So how does WFP do it? As a player on Freerice, the valuable grains of rice you raise answering questions correctly are part of the solution. This video explains the rest...


Blog entry Video of the Week: Help Me end World Hunger!! :D

26 April 2011

This week's video comes from Aaron Martinez, or v0lc0m0123, who dedicated his birthday vlog to raising awareness about hunger and Freerice.

Thank you Aaron and a late happy birthday!


Blog entry 1 Easter Egg = 12 Hungry Kids Fed

19 April 2011

Recently we shared an exciting online platform called WeFeedback. Since then, Freerice players have raised over 7,000 meals for hungry school children to help break the cycle of hunger. And more than a 100,000 meals have been donated to hungry children in total. We’re on a roll!


Blog entry Honored By The Webby Awards

13 April 2011

Freerice is an official Honoree of the 15th annual Webby Awards. We dedicate this to you, the players of Freerice, who have helped to raise enough to feed over 4.6 million people!

You can find out more about it here:


Blog entry Freerice ‘Class of the Week’ - Mr. Wilmarth's class

11 April 2011

Mr. Wilmarth teaches at the Hua Shi Yi Fu Zhong school in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China. His class are using Freerice and iPads to turn the game into a powerful tool for teaching languages, while raising over a million grains to feed the world's hungry.

Congratulations and thank you to Mr Wilmarth's Class!


Blog entry Video of the Week: You're Not Starving

07 April 2011

Recently Team Freerice noticed the large number of Freerice videos on Youtube posted by passionate and dedicated players, to help spread the word and encourage others to help to raise more rice.

So far we have managed to raise enough to feed over 4.6 million people, purely through word of mouth. So starting today, we will share once a week one Freerice video created by you with other players to inspire, encourage and entertain.


Blog entry 10 Grains, 20 Students, A Little Less Hunger

30 March 2011

Simon Bruns is good at maths, and he has the rice to prove it.

The 12-year-old from Germany attends the International Community School (ICS) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The aspiring astronomer sits in his sixth grade mathematics class, leaning into his laptop, clicking on answers faster than the computer can load the questions:

888 – 222 =
642 + 322 =
43 x 75 =


Blog entry Errors, Warnings and Problems Answering Questions

15 March 2011

Dear Freericers,

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to raise rice, and thank you for your patience.

Since last week Wednesday we have been experiencing problems on Freerice that have resulted in some players being unable to answer questions and raise rice. It seems that clicks on answer are not being registered and are resulting in voided javascript. Additionally, a small portion of players have received complex error and warning messages.


Blog entry Women - A Secret Weapon To Fighting Hunger

07 March 2011

March 8 is International Women's Day. We at WFP believe women are the secret weapon to fight hunger, and it is a driving force behind the new social media initiative WeFeedback.


Blog entry Can your favourite food change lives?

02 March 2011

Pepperoni pizza, nachos, chocolate cake – we all have a favorite meal, or several, that we share with friends, our families and on social networks.

But what if you could share your passion for food, and in the process provide a long term solution to hunger worldwide. This is the idea behind Wefeedback. It is a global, social media initiative that is providing school meals for school children in developing nations.