Blog entry Where in the world is your rice going?

12 July 2011


From June 2011, all rice earned on Freerice is going to help hungry schoolchildren in Cambodia.


Blog entry Get The T-shirt: Freerice Shop Launched

21 June 2011

(DRUM ROLL) Announcing the official Freerice shop! In the last few months, over 300 of you asked for Freerice t-shirts, bags and other merchandise on the Freerice feedback forum.


Blog entry You Asked For it: New Subjects

13 June 2011

Grab a comfy seat and a fresh cup of coffee, prepare to get stuck at your computer for a few hours. The many requests for additional subjects from Freericers who can answer questions with their eyes shut, have been heard. Today we launched two new subjects: Literature and Flags of the World, found on the subjects page.


Blog entry The Art of Raising Rice

09 June 2011

If you happen to be in Cincinnati and are self-confessed Freerice addict (there are many of us), you may consider popping into the Cincinnati Art Museum. The museum has dedicated a computer terminal to Freerice as part of their exhibition "DRAW: Here, There & Everywhere".


Blog entry Freerice goes Spanish. Muy bueno!

02 June 2011

Have you ever wondered if the words “consciencia” and “conciencia” have the same meaning? Does “Embarazada” mean embarrassed or just pregnant? Well, now you can find answers to these questions and more on the newly launched Freerice Español. (Late last week, you may have noticed a link appeared to this new version in the top right navigation of this site. See it now?)


Blog entry Strombo on why Freerice rocks!

19 May 2011

We like George Stroumboulopoulos not only because he is Canada's first official Ambassador Against Hunger for the World Food Programme, but also because he's an avid Freerice fan.

Strombo set up his group in October last year, and has helped raise over 6 million grains of rice already. You can join his group here:

In the video below, Strombo talks about just how easy it is to change the world through Freerice.


Blog entry Wacky, Wonderful Freerice Groups

16 May 2011

There are over sixteen thousand groups on Freerice (at the time of writing this blog post). While those with the most members or grains raised often get attention, today we wanted to highlight some of the wackiest, most wonderful groups:

Superhero Fans against Hunger:


Blog entry 5 Things You Should Know About Hunger

10 May 2011

While playing Freerice, if you didn't know, for every correct answer you choose 10 grains of rice are donated to the United Nations World Food Programme to feed the world's hungry.


Blog entry Video: We Are All Faced With Difficult Choices

04 May 2011

Just in time for Mother's Day, the World Food Programme has put out a powerful video that explores the difficult choices faced by mothers around the world when fighting hunger. We are all faced with difficult choices, but some choices are more difficult than others.


Blog entry A Mother's Choice: Educating her kids or someone to work in the field

03 May 2011

In Bolivia, a woman must often choose between depriving her daughter of an education and having no one to work in the fields. This is due to the fact that Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America: of its 9.5 million population, two thirds live below the poverty line.