Blog entry How to: Make this season merrier

14 December 2011

It's the season of goodwill and giving. Between wrapping presents and opening them, there is nothing that can leave you feeling happier and more gratified than knowing you've made someone else's life better.

To help you get into the spirit, here are some ideas to make a difference this year:


Blog entry And the winner is...

02 December 2011

For the month of November, Canadian schools battled it out for the Canadian Freerice School Challenge organized by the World Food Programme and our Canadian Ambassador against hunger and CBC Television presenter, George Strombolopolous.


Blog entry Food Force: an online game with real-world impact

29 November 2011

The World Food Programme has launched Food Force, a game on Facebook with real-world impact, developed by KONAMI.


Blog entry Take part in World Change

16 November 2011

On November 22, TakePart will dedicate one of their "30 Ways in 30 Days" calendar days to Freerice and fighting hunger. The campaign encourages us all to take small steps during the month of November to make the world a better place.


Blog entry Cambodia: A woman's struggle to beat the floods

10 November 2011

Chin Cheng Hong’s house is built on stilts, but this year the floodwaters have risen so high in Cambodia that even this was not enough to protect her. When the waters crept through her floorboards, she knew things were really bad.


Blog entry Floods in Cambodia – how Freerice is helping

03 November 2011

In recent weeks, Cambodia has seen floods that are the worst in a more than a decade. The floods have wreaked havoc across the country with more than 250,000 families displaced and an estimated 1.5 million Cambodians affected.

The damage done to agricultural fields will be felt for many months to come. .


Blog entry Going East: Freerice China

25 October 2011

In recent months we have launched Freerice in Spanish, French and Italian. We're very pleased to announce that you can now play Freerice China!


Blog entry World Food Week: Help Guilaye Become President

17 October 2011

Guilaye wants to be president.

Guilaye (like other kids in Haiti, India, and elsewhere) have something in common: they’re beating the odds, and have a chance to fulfill their dreams thanks to World Food Programme school meals.

Freericers, like you, who's rice goes to support WFP are giving them the future they deserve.


Blog entry Friday Freericers: Feed a child, feed a dream

14 October 2011

Freericers, every day you play Freerice, you fight hunger worldwide. However, this Sunday is a particularly important day: October 16 is World Food Day!


Blog entry It’s National School Lunch Week!

10 October 2011

No one can say it better than US President Barack Obama: “Children are… (the) greatest treasure, and ensuring their health is one of our most important duties… Our children's continued ability to… reach their full potential will depend on what we do now to secure their future.”