Blog entry Jessica Watson: Teen Round-the-World Sailor Fights Hunger

13 March 2012

When she was just 16 years old, Jessica Watson sailed around the world alone. Challenges are what Jessica likes best! Her newest challenge, fighting hunger worldwide as a WFP Youth Representative, has put the wind in her sails.

If you dream of being like Jessica, and changing the world, you should know: Jessica is just like you. All you need to do is set your mind to the task!


Blog entry 50 Takes on Hunger

12 March 2012

Hip hop artist and philanthropist Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has returned from his recent trip to Somalia where the hunger he witnessed was more extreme than anything he could have imagined.

He said: "‎I won’t take anything for granted anymore... I’ll to try make a difference and I hope you will too."

Many thanks to 50 Cent and players like you, who ARE making a difference.


Blog entry Maintenance Scheduled: Monday, March 12, 9am GMT

09 March 2012

*Update: Freerice is now back up and live. Thank you for your patience. Could you please let us know if you experience any problems with totals or statistics displaying correctly? Many thanks!*

Dear Freericers,

Freerice will be down for maintenance on Monday, March 12, for maintenance between 9am and 11.00am (GMT).

Please note that if you have tournaments planned at this time, you will be able to access a hunger quiz that allows you to feed a child if you complete it, but you will not be able to raise rice.

Thank you for your patience,
Team Freerice


Blog entry If You Are A Woman...

08 March 2012

To all our players (male and female) Happy International Women's Day! However, today will not be celebrated by many women worldwide.

The majority of the hungriest in the world are women, but ironically in developing nations over 55% of the food produced is grown and harvested by women farmers. Put simply, in developing countries women produce most of the food but have less to eat.


Blog entry Take Molly's Quiz

06 March 2012

In the last week, we met Molly. We also met her neighbour who likes to groove to Michael Jackson, we know how she does her homework on a low table and we have seen the chair she sleeps on every night. We even got to say "hi" in person, during a livestream on March 6.


Blog entry Profile of a Freericer: Barbara

29 February 2012

Barbara is just fourteen years old, but is already making a difference in the world. In a video she sent recently to the World Food Programme, she explained to us why she’s committed to Freerice and the fight against hunger. As she points out, one girl might not be able to make a difference, but if we all join together we can rice-up against hunger and feed people in need!


Blog entry Team Up With "The Hunger Games" Cast

24 February 2012

One month before the release of the much-anticipated film The Hunger Games, the cast and producers have teamed up with WFP and Feeding America to raise awareness about world hunger with the launch of a video public service announcement and a new website.


Blog entry A Mother's Life In Southern Sudan

23 February 2012

Christine Daniel is a mother of five. She lives in the town of Wau in southern Sudan. She describes her life and the importance of the World Food Programme food in helping her protect her children from malnutrition.

This is Christine's story.


Blog entry Living in Molly's Shoes..

22 February 2012

Have you met Molly yet? She's a 12 year-old growing up in the slums of Nairobi.

In Spring 2011, WFP gave her a small video camera and asked her to record scenes from her daily life. Over the next few weeks, WFP will be sharing more of her videos which offer a window into one of the poorest places on earth. Welcome to Molly's World.


Blog entry World Freerice Week: Wrapping up

13 February 2012

What a week! After much work, and a lot of fun, the first ever World Freerice Week came to an end last Sunday. A whole new range of people are now playing, thanks to you, your network and a little 6 Degrees of Separation theory (and of course 6 Degrees of Freerice).

Why all the focus on 6 Degrees?