Blog entry Eating Leaves And Toxic Berries in the Sahel

05 June 2012

If you can, try to imagine serving your family wild leaves and toxic berries in the face of hunger and drought, a reality faced by this family from Niger in the video below.


Blog entry Speak Up To Rice Up

15 May 2012

Every day, thousands of people earn grains of rice, while having fun and learning, on Freerice. The concept is simple but powerful: the more people who play, the more rice we raise, and the more people we can feed.


Blog entry 6 Reasons Next Generation Needs Us To Solve Hunger

11 May 2012

We already know that hunger is the world's greatest solvable problem. In addition to the reason why we can and should end it, shared with you last week through this short video, nourishing hungry kids today helps the next generation to better deal with any problems they have to face. Read on to find out why.


Blog entry Does "meditate" mean "chill?

09 May 2012

Recently a Freericer emailed us, explaining that they felt that both "reflect" and "chill" were correct answers to this question:

meditate means:
(See the live question live here)


Blog entry We Have A (Solvable) Problem

02 May 2012

One out of seven people goes to bed hungry every night. That in itself is enough motivation to put an end to world hunger, but there are many more reasons.

Hunger impacts on all aspects of social life including education, health care, social stability, economic growth and more. And yet, it is a problem that we already know all that we need to know to resolve it.


Blog entry 2nd Grade Hunger Fighters

18 April 2012

After studying civil rights leaders, this class of second graders was asked to stand up for what they believed in. They responded by taking a stand against hunger, the world’s greatest solvable problem, by playing Freerice and sharing the game with others.

While they're still learning that chronic hunger does not equate to homelessness, we can learn from their determination to make a real impact in the world!


Blog entry SAT Prep Makes a World of Difference

04 April 2012

As the school year comes to a close, many students have a test on the horizon – the SAT. To help our Freerice community prepare for bright futures, we’ve teamed up with Kaplan Test Prep to be your study partner with a new SAT subject.


Blog entry The World's Greatest Solvable Problem

21 March 2012

Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria combined. But solving hunger is less daunting than you may think.


Blog entry French It Up

19 March 2012

Why is March 20 an important day? It's International Francophone Day, an annual celebration of the French language around the world.

Why is this important? We have a new ‘La Francophonie’ subject on Freerice en français. And because with over 200 million French enthusiasts around the world - its very likely that you know a French speaker or enthusiast to share the subject with in celebration of the day.


Blog entry Behind The Scenes With Molly

14 March 2012

A short while ago we had the chance to say "hello!" to Molly, the girl from a Nairobi slum who's been filming her life, during a live link-up. She and her friends were speaking with students in Italy, with whom they have exchanged videos and stories of their lives.

Here are some behind-the-scenes, shot outside of the live-stream, that show the interesting conversation forming between these students, sharing their similarities, despite being from the two very different countries and backgrounds.