Blog entry 61 Congratulations! You Are A Winner!

03 October 2011

We added another award to our virtual trophy shelf this weekend, winning the Digital Communications 2011 Award for the best Corporate Game.

Blog entry 62 Rice on - Freerice en francais and Freerice italiano!

28 September 2011

Recently we launched Freerice Español. We're following this with Freerice en francais and Freerice italiano.

Blog entry 63 "Friday Freericer": A Good Reason for Fun

08 September 2011

As the working week winds down, your thoughts may become less about work and more about fun. You may surreptitiously play Solitaire and watch the minutes pass till the weekend, while trying to look busy.

Does that sound familiar?

Blog entry 64 Happy World Humanitarian Day!

19 August 2011

Humanitarian means

- Concerned with human welfare
- Seeking to promote the rights and needs of other people
- Philanthropist
- All of the above

Of course, the correct answer is “all of the above”. If you are reading this, August 19 is your day.

Blog entry 65 Can you ever have too much Freerice?

05 August 2011

On Freerice, we aim for one thing: more rice. However, there are times when more rice is not necessarily good for Freerice or the people we help. This may seem like a contradiction, but we’ve noticed that some Freericers are employing automated scripts, or Internet bots, to play the game at many times the speed of a human.

Only rice that is raised legitimately on Freerice, with real people playing the game and answering the questions, will help Freerice and do good in the world.

Blog entry 66 10 Ways You Can Help the Horn of Africa

28 July 2011

More than 11 million people trapped in the Horn of Africa are facing a severe drought and are in urgent need of assistance. There is something that everyone can do... Here are 10 things absolutely anyone can do to help the World Food Programme save lives.

Blog entry 67 "Orkun Freerice" From Cambodia!

21 July 2011

Every morning the children at the Damnak Sleng Primary School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, enjoy a tasty breakfast of rice with sauce.

Blog entry 68 Help Us Save Lives in Drought-Stricken East Africa

20 July 2011

As many as 10 million people face hunger in the Horn of Africa, as the severe drought continues. The situation has been aggravated by high food prices and conflict, pushing more and more people closer to the edge of survival.

Blog entry 69 Pronounced silence

14 July 2011

Dear Freericers,

In recent days, some of you may have noticed that the pronunciation tool is no longer working for vocabulary words. We had been using a free service that has suddenly changed its set-up.

We're working on a solution but, until we manage to resolve the problem, we have disabled the pronunciation functionality.

We'll keep you posted! (Just not out loud.)

Blog entry 70 Where in the world is your rice going?

12 July 2011


From June 2011, all rice earned on Freerice is going to help hungry schoolchildren in Cambodia.

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