Blog entry 121 Freerice 2.0 - a gradual revolution

09 September 2010

Many of you will have noticed that we finally switched the old Freerice to the new version on September 7, which includes new features requested by you the players over the years such as sign up, rankings, groups and more.

While we managed to raise 10 million grains in a single day, the sudden increase in players was too much for our servers and database to handle. For this reason, we're keeping the versions of Freerice separate until we find a long term solution to our server-woes!

Blog entry 122 Update on the new Freerice

08 September 2010

Hi everyone,

On September 7 we launched the new version of Freerice with exciting features based on the feedback we have received from you over the years. We introduced the ability to sign up, track your totals, invite and find friends, create and join groups, and a rankings page.
The new version was so successful that the sudden increase in number of visitors has crashed our servers. We upgrading our servers and working furiously to resolve the situation so that you can continue to enjoy the new features. Please stay tuned! Thank you for making Freerice what it is today.

Blog entry 123 Slow load time on Freerice

07 September 2010

Dear Freerice Players,

Today we launched a new version of Freerice. The new features are based on requests emailed by players like you over the years, and we are thrilled to finally be able to implement them. However, due to the sudden increase in number of players, we are experiencing some problems with our server and are working hard to resolve the situation. The result is a very slow load time.

Blog entry 124 Pakistan Floods: Your Rice is Helping

06 September 2010

Five weeks ago, torrential monsoon rains triggered devastating flooding in Pakistan. It turned out to be the country’s worst natural disaster on record. Across the country, more than 1.2 million homes damaged or destroyed. The rice you earn on Freerice from September 7 will go to help the people of Pakistan.

Blog entry 125 We're Going Live!

03 September 2010

Over the past two weeks tested our new version of Freerice with its shiny, new features. Everyone who has played this beta version has been central to helping us remove bugs and iron out the kinks, particularly thanks to the comments gathered through our Feedback tab (in case you haven’t noticed it, take a look at the left of your screen, you will see an orange tab with the word “Feedback”. Click on it to share your thoughts!). You have also encouraged with positive feedback on the features you like.

Blog entry 126 Fantabulous means...

30 August 2010

What is the definition of "fantabulous"? It means "great". So, now you understand the phrase - "The new Freerice has fantabulous features!"

Over the last few years we have been listening to all the suggestions and ideas you have been emailing to us, and we have quietly been working on realising the most interesting, useful and inspiring feedback. Now we can finally share it with all of you.

Blog entry 127 Groups Speeding Ahead

26 August 2010

Since the launch of the new beta version of Freerice on 24 August, 2 days ago at the time of writing this post, over 79 groups have been created raising over 653,900 grains of rice - sufficient to provide a meal to 68 people. Not bad for a beta game.

One group in particular, TheSpeedGamersCommunity, is leading the way. They have raised 152,080 grains so far.

Blog entry 128 Groups - The Why, How And Where

23 August 2010

One of the most exciting features of the new Freerice is the ability to create a group. By creating a group, not only will you officially be able to claim that you have groupies, you will also be able to track the amount of rice that you and your group have raised.

Groups can be open or by invitation only. Any player on Freerice can join open groups, whereas the "Invite Only" groups are closed and players are only able to join if they have been sent an invitation. You can send an invite through Facebook, or by sharing the invitation link.

To create a group:
- Sign up for a Freerice account and log in
- Select "Groups"/"Create Group" in the top navigation area
- Select "Invite your Facebook Friends" if it is a closed group to allow your friends to join
- Choose a group name (note: this cannot be changed later on)
- Add a picture to represent your group (note: this cannot be changed later on. Maximum of 50x50px)
- Add a description
- Adding an external url is optional
- Choose between "Open" and "Invite Only"
- Choose a category, several categories or select "All Categories"
- Select "Create"

And that's all there is to it.

Blog entry 129 Making A Difference - 10 Grains at a time

23 August 2010

With over a billion people going to bed chronically hungry every night, your 10 grains of rice are making a real difference. Here's how: the strength of Freerice lies in power of the collective. Every day, tens of thousands of people play Freerice around the world with the average player answering around 60 questions.

Collectively, since the launch of Freerice back in October 2007, we have managed to feed over 4 million people. Every FreeRice player and every correct answer makes a difference for hungry people!

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