Blog entry 111 How to earn more grains of rice?

03 December 2010

Apart from playing for more hours, increasing your knowledge so that you are able to fly through the questions or using Google for the questions that still defeat you – there is another way to earn more rice, while just going about your normal behavior online.

The Freerice Toolbar allows you to raise 2500 grains of rice for every 5 searches – so you earn rice while searching the web as you would normally do. It’s easy to install, and offers a neat reminder to play Freerice too.

Blog entry 112 Freerice ‘Class of the Week’ - Ms. Paksorn’s Class

29 November 2010

This week’s “Class of the Week” goes to Ms. Paksorn’s Class from the Sainampeung School in Bangkok, Thailand.

This group of 7th & 8th graders are passionate about playing Freerice because they want to help put an end to world hunger. They play during school and want to encourage other students and teachers to learn, play, and donate rice!

Their group has earned more than 236,390 grains of rice. That means they have helped feed more than 12,441 people for one day!

Blog entry 113 Give thanks - Give Rice

23 November 2010

One of the easiest ways to help a hungry child this Thanksgiving holiday is to play Freerice.

As Nancy Roman, from the World Food Program (WFP), put it: “Thanksgiving is certainly a time when those who have enough to eat gather to enjoy a big meal, and Freerice is the perfect way to do something fun that gives others a chance for a meal too.”

Since its launch in 2007, thanks to the time and brain power of players such as yourself, Freerice has helped raise enough funds to feed more than 4 million people for a day in countries like Uganda and Bangladesh.

Blog entry 114 Freerice "Class of the Week" - Mr L's World Studies Classes

23 November 2010

We know you’ve been waiting for this all week, so we’ll go ahead and tell you that this week’s Freerice "Class of the Week" has been awarded to Mr. L’s World Studies Classes!

If you take note of groups on Freerice, you'll no doubt have noticed these students by now. Since 5 September, Mr. Lefkowitz and his classes at South Medford High School have joined together to raise a grand total of 468,150 grains of rice!

Blog entry 115 Freerice ‘Class of the Week’ - Miss Barrett's Class

11 November 2010

Congratulations to this week’s Freerice class of the week: Miss Barrett’s Class! These students at Spring Hill Elementary School have been working together as a Freerice team since October 7th. In a little over a month, this class has earned 21,710 grains of rice!

Blog entry 116 Join the Conversation

06 November 2010

Hundreds of Freerice players have submitted suggestions and ideas on how to improve the game through the feedback forum, accessed through the orange feedback tab, located to the left of this blog post.

Freerice has managed to raise enough rice to feed 4.3 million people, entirely through word-of-mouth advertising. And so, the community's experience and its needs are truly central to the game. For this reason, each suggestion is reviewed and based on the number of votes will be considered for future developments.

Blog entry 117 Freerice ‘Class of the Week’ - Dr. Tony's English Class

04 November 2010

Congratulations to Dr. Tony’s English Class - this week’s Freerice ‘Class of the Week’. Since October 14 they have earned a whopping 109,190 grains of rice!

The group is made up of college students in central California who use the English vocabulary section. According to Dr. Tony, his class is “dedicated to making positive change” and doing their part to make the world a better place.

Blog entry 118 This Week’s Pick of the Groups: NerdFighters, Finnish Free Ricers and a CBC presenter

14 October 2010

Since launching the new version of Freerice, we have seen over 55,000 people sign up and over 2,300 groups created. With such a range, finding an suitable or interesting group can be difficult.

Below are 5 interesting groups for this week’s pick:

Finnish Free Ricers: The group is created by Freerice’s top player, Verano, who has earned as an individual 2,520,000 grains since signing up! Finnish Free Ricers have raised more rice than any other group on Freerice.

Blog entry 119 What will your impact be?

12 October 2010

82,992,737,250 (nearly 83 billion!) grains of rice have been earned to date. That is enough to feed more than 4.3 million people for one day!

Blog entry 120 Freerice means FANTABULOUS, and this time we mean it!

11 October 2010

Thank you for all your patience as we worked out the bugs with Freerice 2.0. As many of you noticed we had quite a few bugs as we switched to the new version of Freerice. We decided to make it our quest to create a new version of Freerice that is better than ever from suggestions by you, the users. And now we can say our quest is complete!

The game is up and running at full speed. You can log in to easily track your earnings and see how you rank with people from all over the world, create groups, and plan competitions.

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