Blog entry 101 ... The Original Challenge

03 February 2011

Freerice has been around since 2007 when its creator John Breen developed it as an educational tool for his children. Since then the site has raised enough to feed over 4.3 million people, thanks to individuals who have dedicated their time to raising rice and encouraging others to do the same.

Blog entry 102 Missing rice!

02 February 2011

If you are a Freericer who regular checks back in on your account and keeps a small part of the day free to help raise rice (there are many of us), you will have noticed a drop in your rice totals yesterday.

Our apologies for causing concern - we upgraded the Freerice database and servers to increase the speed of the site. You will note that questions are now loading faster. However, in the process, the old database was not uploaded correctly resulting in rice totals dropping dramatically.

Blog entry 103 A Very Different Bowl Game

28 January 2011

This February, as you gear up for the Superbowl, you can take part in a very different kind of bowl game with the New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees and students across the country.

Running from February 6 - 12, the Rice Bowl Challenge sees two teams compete for the championship. The objective? To raise rice and tackle global hunger while proving intellectual strength. The three top players will win a Brees-autographed football!

Blog entry 104 Video: From Haiti with Love!

27 January 2011

A short video from Haiti with the World Food Programme's Stephanie Tremblay reporting from a school that was devasted by the earthquake last year, where children are benefiting from daily meals of rice.

Stephanie explains why the rice being donated by Freericers is still needed in Haiti, and sends her thanks!

Blog entry 105 Where in the world did your rice go?

19 January 2011

Since Freerice began doing what it does best in 2007, Freericers have raised enough rice to feed over 4.3 million people.

Here are just a few of the places in the world where your rice and the World Food Programme have helped reduce hunger, and put smiles back on hungry faces:

Blog entry 106 Your Rice Is Helping Haiti

12 January 2011

One year ago, following the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed thousands and left millions without homes and food, Freericers helped by raising rice!

Blog entry 107 Your Rice And Marie's Future

10 January 2011

Marie Anika is Haitian and 8 years old. Her dream of working in a bank is made all the more possible by a meal of beans and rice that she receives at school.

Why? Because providing a meal at school is an incentive for parents to send their children to school rather than send them to work. By providing a meal to Marie, we help her to grow strong physically and mentally, as well as safeguard her education.

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti one year ago, Freerice players were raising rice for the country to help the people affected by the disaster including girls like Marie.

Blog entry 108 Last-minute Gift Idea: Send a Freerice ecard

23 December 2010

If you are still thinking of gift ideas for those distant relatives who you've never met - a Freerice eCard provides a meaningful message that will also provide more rice to the hungry!

In addition to the Freerice eCard, you can choose from a range of cards including providing an entire of school lunches for a hungry child, or lifesaving biscuits for 90 people affected by disasters.

It's a gift that will make your holiday shopping both meaningful and easy.

Blog entry 109 Freerice Christmas Drive (virtually)

21 December 2010

Steve Matchett is a Formula One commentator on American TV network's Speed Channel. He is not only obsessed with Formula One racing, but is also a die-hard Freerice fan. This Christmas, as he did last year, Steve is holding a Freerice Christmas drive.

The idea is simple: build a virtual Formula One race car, by converting the weight of rice grains into parts of the car to create a complete car! The more rice you earn, the more the car is built.

Blog entry 110 Tuned in Freerice Groups

08 December 2010

Since we launched Freerice 2.0 in September, we’ve seen over 6,000 groups created by over 200,000 registered players. There are groups to suit all interests and tastes.

Below are three groups set-up by/dedicated musicians:

Thievery Corporation has been supporting WFP’s work for years by sounding the alarm on hunger. Set up by the band on December 6, the group is young and small – join up and help raise rice with other TC fans.

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