Blog entry 11 Say What? Help Us Create a New Subject

28 August 2012

Now is your chance to ask the questions. We're creating a new subject on Freerice called "Famous Quotes", and this is your invitation to submit the questions that you would like to see included in it.

Blog entry 12 Hunger, In Your Words

27 August 2012

Every day the Freerice community raises meals for those who need it most around the world. Most of us never have to think about where our next meal will come from, or think of ways to feed our family.

Blog entry 13 New Subject! World Hunger

20 August 2012

Did you know that one in seven of us goes to bed hungry every night? Or that hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined? An essential part of solving world hunger is knowing the facts, so that you can get others involved in the fight.

Blog entry 14 A Positive Force: MarsArmy Against Hunger

16 August 2012

For some time, our team at Freerice has been inspired by the members in the group, Marsarmy Against hunger. Not only are they one of the most vocal groups on social networks like Twitter, encouraging others to "rice up" against hunger, they have also raised over 15 million grains of rice since it was formed in 2011. This year, they have almost doubled the amount of grains raised.

Blog entry 15 Facebook Connect - Please Read This

15 August 2012

You may have noted that the Facebook and Twitter login options were recently disabled. This was done after a bug was discovered - we have been careful to take all the time needed to ensure it's resolved and to test it thoroughly.

We are pleased to let you know that the Facebook connect option is available again! We are working on enabling Twitter connect too.

Please note: players who previously used Facebook connect on Freerice, will need to reconnect their Facebook account to their Freerice profile.

Blog entry 16 Player Spotlight: Bronx Science Key Club

26 June 2012

This month, the Bronx Science Key Club caught our attention. And for good reason! Smart minds, the will to learn, and an enthusiasm to fight world hunger have earned these students a well-deserved shout-out.

Take a minute to check out this great video they’ve created to spread awareness about hunger and

Blog entry 17 Freerice Inspired Poetry

25 June 2012

Last week we asked Freericers on Facebook and Twitter to write a Haiku using one word that they had learnt while playing Freerice.

They then added their poems to the comments on Facebook or tweeted their poem at Freerice. Here are the inspiring poems we received - not all of them followed the traditional Haiku format, but there were too good not to share!

"Want to curve your mind?
Then listen to words of time.
Give rice to give life."
- Ednita Vargas

Blog entry 18 Pictures Tell The Story Of Drought In Niger

13 June 2012

For over 12 years, Rein Skullerud has photographed hunger and the World Food Programme's work to end it. During a recent trip to document the devastation of the drought in Niger, the Sahel region, he was struck by the conditions of the land.

Blog entry 19 Eating Leaves And Toxic Berries in the Sahel

05 June 2012

If you can, try to imagine serving your family wild leaves and toxic berries in the face of hunger and drought, a reality faced by this family from Niger in the video below.

Blog entry 20 Speak Up To Rice Up

15 May 2012

Every day, thousands of people earn grains of rice, while having fun and learning, on Freerice. The concept is simple but powerful: the more people who play, the more rice we raise, and the more people we can feed.

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