Blog entry 1 Spotlight: A Troop of Hunger Fighters

17 December 2012

We have a troop of cadets helping us to "rice up" against hunger! The National Cadet Corps unit from Clementi Town Secondary School in Singapore raised rice in answering questions and learning, but took their involvement a step further by helping us to create questions to add to our Math section, as well as a proposed Computer Education subject. We hope to publish these questions in the coming months.

Blog entry 2 Spotlight: Hunger Fighter at Headquarters, Faye Kaloudi

22 November 2012

Faye Kaloudi is the Freericer extraordinaire who co-runs the Freerice group, Mars Army Against Hunger, which has recruited over 400 people to take up arms against hunger! She recently visited our offices at the United Nations World Food Programme headquarters in Rome, Italy.

Blog entry 3 Score Against Hunger to Win $1,000

20 November 2012

We know you’re digitally savvy, globally conscious and multi-taskers: at school, home or on the run, you play Freerice to fight hunger while increasing your knowledge. To say “thank you” for your dedication and time, we’re excited to tell you about a competition.

Blog entry 4 Spotlight: Humboldt-School Students and Teachers

26 October 2012

The Latin and English teachers and students at the Humboldt-School in Berlin got together to fight hunger and brush up on their Latin - all in one click. Together they created over 2,000 Latin questions to launch the new Latin subject on Freerice.

Play the new Latin subject, or "Ludere novum Latine subiectum"

Blog entry 5 Happy World Food Day! Help us reach our goal

16 October 2012

Happy World Food Day! The World Food Programme aims to raise nutritious meals for 50,000 school kids, by the end of today! And we need your help - it takes 3 easy steps and costs nothing.

Get started!

Blog entry 6 World Food Day: 3 easy steps to feed a child like Molly

09 October 2012

Most of you know Molly. She's the young girl living in the slums of Nairobi who's become a star, visited by big shot CNN reporters. It all started when the World Food Programme asked her to film her life on a pink and white Flipcam. Since then, she's become an unofficial ambassador for WFP's School Meal programmes.

Blog entry 7 Freerice 5 Year Anniversary: Looking back

07 October 2012

Today, five years ago, Freerice was launched by John Breen, a Harvard professor with a passion for fighting world hunger. He hoped it would grow, helping to feed and educate as many people as possible throughout the world. Since then, it's become an award-winning site and a powerful tool for raising funds and awareness about the fight against hunger.

Blog entry 8 The Gift of Words

04 October 2012

It’s our birthday (if you didn't know)! And to celebrate, we’re a launching a subject called Famous Quotes.

A few weeks ago, we asked you to helps us grow this subject. Your response, as always, was great! We had over 250 submissions of quotes by some of the greatest thinkers in history, and a few people we’d prefer to forget but we've included nonetheless as they changed the world.

Blog entry 9 Happy Birthday Freerice!

01 October 2012

Freerice is turning 5! The site was launched on 7 October 2007. Since then we raised enough to feed 5 million people thanks to the support (and smarts!) of the people who play Freerice every day. To keep the theme of "5" going, we’re taking 5 days to celebrate from October 3 to 7.

Blog entry 10 Freericer Spotlight: Dr Al Forsyth

05 September 2012

Apart from being something of an expert on Giraffes, a well-travelled soul, a retired professor and more, Dr Al Forsyth is also one of Freerice’s most passionate supporters and the creator of our new World Hunger subject.

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